An Olympic Games in Africa?

I just came across this short but very interesting video arguing that the 2036 Olympic games should be held somewhere in Africa. Now that the world’s biggest sporting (and cultural) event has been held on every other continent at least once, with Europe and North America dominating, it’s time for a city in Africa to have it’s turn in the global spotlight. I must say I wholeheartedly agree: more than anything to do with sport, for me, the olympics are about bringing the world together in one big party every four years. It’s like a huge party which travels the world, allowing humanity to show itself off, city by city. If that is true, then surely it’s time that somewhere in Africa hosted the games.

The obvious question is, where? I’m no geographer, and can’t possibly say which city in Africa would be best placed to host the games. Perhaps I’m resorting to stereotype, but I kind of assume many places there aren’t as well off as cities in Europe (a consequence of colonialism). Nonetheless, it would still be wonderful to see an olympics in Africa (the opening and closing ceremonies would probably be fascinating) and they could give the selected city and country a boost. Thus I think this is a great idea. While I still hope to see an olympics up in Manchester one day, I think raising cities and states on africa to the level of any other continent, so that they are just as capable of hosting events like the olympics, is a goal we should be working towards.

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