Ipad Issues

Today was one of those awful, farcical days which part of me just wants to forget, but is probably worth blogging about. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I use my iPad as my communication aid. As such I have turned the passcode off, just to speed up access. This morning, though, for some reason my iPad kept asking me to set up a new access code, which required me to input a phone number. I don’t have a phone, so I asked Serkan if I could use his.  He kindly said yes, so I tapped it in.

We waited a bit, but no code came. I tried a couple of times without luck. The time came for Serkan to go, I still couldn’t access my iPad. By then I was becoming a combination of annoyed and worried: without access to my iPad I wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone outside, and I had one or two chores I needed to do. Like any communication aid user, I need my Ipad to function as a normal citizen.

For the time being, though, I left it and got on with other things – such issues always sorted themselves out in the end. But as the day went on I began to fret: I needed my Ipad to function in order to live properly. I tried to fix it over Facebook messenger with Serkan using my desktop with no luck. By around mid afternoon I was getting very annoyed – nothing I had tried had worked – so I decided to head up to the Apple store in Stratford to see if the guys there could help.

Needless to say, by the time I got there I wasn’t in the best of moods: On the way some teenage girls had thought it funny to try to wind me up. And then there was the question of how I was going to explain my issue to the people in the apple store if I couldn’t communicate. Yet if my friendships with people like Lyn have taught me anything, it is that perseverance and patience is key.

I now know the Westfield centre quite well, so I was able to make straight for the apple store. There, I was assigned a friendly young guy to help me. Using short words and gestures, I managed to show him what the problem was. At first, however, we got nowhere: we needed a phone number which I couldn’t remember, but which I knew was listed on my ipad – which I couldn’t access. We were going in circles and I was beginning to despair; the guy told me there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, though, he had an idea. Asking my permission to touch my Ipad, he began to press ‘back’ on the screen to the point where I had apparently opted to update my security settings, although I don’t remember doing so. He then told the Ipad not to update, and it was at once back to how it was and fully accessible.

I was so happy I could have hugged the fellow, and told him so using my newly restored speech app. It was such a relief! Mind you, I was slightly embarrassed not to have thought of it myself – so much fretting over something so simple in the end. Nonetheless, I boarded the tube home very happy and relieved indeed, in stark contrast to the dire mood I had been in just half an hour before. Once again I had encountered a problem and managed to get it sorted. I suppose the key is not to lose patience, and always pay attention to which buttons I’m pressing on my Ipad.

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