South Park’s Back

I have not seen a South Park episode in ages, but used to be into it when it first hit the air. It seemed to push the boundaries of what is acceptable on tv more than any other program. I had assumed it had run it’s course. However, I just came across this on the beeb’s website. It would seem that Kenny, Cartman et al are making quite a comeback. “The creators of the South Park cartoons have signed a $900m (£646m) deal with US media giant ViacomCBS. The agreement will see Trey Parker and Matt Stone make new South Park episodes for the Comedy Central network.” It remains to be seen, of course, whether the new episodes are worth watching, especially since it just became pointlessly crass towards the end of it’s original run. But with six new seasons and fourteen films in the works, this must be something to look forward to, particularly given the amount of money going into it. Besides, I think we could all do with some juvenile obscenity these days.

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