Wet Rock in Greenwich Park

Everyone is probably expecting me a say what I thought of the closing ceremony in Tokyo today, given my fixation with such events. To be honest though, I don’t have much to say about it. It was pretty dul, with no stand out moments or anything to get my juices going. I was so underwhelmed by it that I decided to go for a walk after it, to see whether I could think of something to write about it. I went on one of my favourite routes, into Greenwich Park. There, though, I happened upon something rather cool: a band was playing on the old bandstand, and a rock band at that. They were bashing out the kind of classic rock themes which I sort of have a soft spot for, so I changed course to take a look.

I got there to find about five fairly aged men playing to a small yet growing audience. They weren’t that bad. The only problem was, it was about to chuck it down. After I had heard one song, it began to rain so heavily that I was forced to find shelter. Luckily the event organisers tent was nearby, and they kindly invited me to take cover with them. There, I was able to listen to the band play: while I can’t say they were perfect, it was still a pretty cool thing to find. In a way they reminded me of Lyn, and the kind of music she sometimes used to play. I found myself wondering what she would have said, had she been there. It was the kind of spontaneous musical happening which seemed to happen fairly regularly with L; I couldn’t help imagining her dancing in her powerchair alongside me.

Once the torrent had stopped, I went back out to the front so I could listen to and watch the group properly. I soon found myself in for a bit of a treat: they were skilfully playing the kind of rock classics i love, including Sweet Home Alabama about midway through their set – a song which never fails to get me dancing.

I stayed till the end of the show, the rain luckily not returning, before getting the bus back, classic rock anthems by the likes of Deep Purple thumping through my head. London had done it again: Tokyo may have been slightly underwhelming, but I was still glad to see London still has it’s surprises.

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