I’ve never had much of a liking for golf. If you ask me, it ruins a perfectly good landscape by drilling holes into it and letting men with nothing better to do walk around trying to hit balls into them. Golf balls, on the other hand, can have far better uses. Back at school, my classmates who used powerchairs used to replace the nub of their controllers with a golf ball with a hole drilled into it. This used to make them easier and more comfortable to control. I think Alan, the guy who looked after the chairs at my special school, did the drilling.

Since I started to regularly use powerchairs to get around, of course, I’ve done the same. It certainly feels better on your hand when you’re getting around. The only problem is, the golf ball doesn’t always stay stuck to the bar attaching it to the chair. Mine have a nasty tendency to come loose and fly off. Yesterday, for instance, I was trundling down a nearby hill when my golf ball did just that, and I didn’t see where the bloody thing rolled. I was left to wheel home with a naked control bar – not very comfortable.

Now, the issue is not getting another golf ball – I already have a box full, bought from a local sports store. The problem I now have is finding someone with the right drill to make the right sized hole.

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