No Time To Die premiere date

I realise this is hardly blogworthy, but today I heard that the next Bond film, No Time To Die, will at last premiere on 28th September. I’ve been waiting so long to watch this film that I had almost given up on it, but hopefully now I’ll be able to see it sometime this autumn. Mind you, I still expect it to suck: as Daniel Craig’s final film in the role, there simply isn’t the motivation to do a good job that there was with films like Casino Royale and Skyfall. Rather, the producers will already be looking ahead to casting a new actor and giving the franchise a fresh start. There is, of course, already a huge amount of speculation online about who will play 007 next. That aside, I’m still really looking forward to watching No Time To Die – good or bad, I think we could all do with a bit of James Bond escapism right now.

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