Nothing Happened Yesterday

Absolutely nothing happened yesterday, I don’t have anything to report. I did not go for a nice, long exploratory walk up to Stratford; I did not start to explore the narrow back streets north of the olympic park. I didn’t begin to hear some very loud dance music, and following my ears, happen upon a street party of about twenty young people. I did not watch for a while before giving in to temptation and introducing myself. I did not then decide to go buy a few beers at a nearby off license, before spending the rest of the afternoon dancing and making friends (while being careful with my wallet etc.) I did not then get a taxi back at around six, my new mates having kindly payed the fare, very tired yet thrilled at having spent a wonderful afternoon letting my hair down.

No, no, no, that didn’t happen at all. These days it would have been silly if it did. Perish the thought! No need for my parents or anyone else to worry…

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