Tokyo Paralympic Opening Ceremony

To be honest I’m at a bit of a loss about what to say about the Tokyo Paralympic Opening Ceremony. While there were one or two details which caught my eye and which I now want to find out more about, such as the Japanese Para-Ensemble (I’ve forgotten their actual title, but it was basically a Japanese paraorchestra) there wasn’t that much to get my teeth into. As with Tokyo’s olympic opening ceremony, it was very paired down and low key. To be honest I didn’t really get all that stuff about the aeroplane with one wing: I found it childish, saccharine and predictable. The inclusion of so many actors and musicians with disabilities, some obviously fairly profound, was probably the most noteworthy, praiseworthy aspect, but apart from that, there isn’t that much I feel I want to say about it. Mind you, I’m more enthusiastic to see how Beth Moulam, a young woman who I know from 1Voice, does in the Boccia tournament. Let’s wish her luck.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Paralympic Opening Ceremony

  1. We missed the opening ceremony but my children watched the trailer for the paralympics. They found it a little…gritty? for their liking (and maybe the music wasn’t their taste?), but they continue to love the jazzy, upbeat London paralympics one.

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