Street Preachers

I have a serious issue with street preachers. For the second time this weekend, this afternoon I encountered some in Eltham high street. I’ve blogged about my problems with religion before, but to me it seems perversely arrogant to stand in a street, disrupting everyone’s day demanding we all believe what they do. Were these people shouting so loudly about anything else – some other fictional narrative perhaps, rather than one recognised as an organised religion – no doubt they would be sectioned or at least told to move on for disturbing the peace. Yet because they are ‘preaching’, and they have the correct license, they stand there insisting that the only way to be ‘saved’ – whatever that means – is to believe what they believe. Frankly I find that perverse: the concept of a loving, omnipotent god is laughable enough, without having it hurled at me on my way to the shops.

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