Powerchairs on Aeroplanes

As a powerchair user so keen on travel and flying, I really need to send everyone here today. Someone has, at last, designed a wheelchair accessible aeroplane. “Last month, a report released by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that the securement of wheelchairs on commercial aircraft is technically feasible, and that many wheelchairs already meet or exceed the minimum horizontal crash standards used by the FAA to certify airplane seats….The system is designed so that different powered wheelchair types can be certified for flying and will be able to interface with a wide range of airline seats.” Until now, of course, I’ve only been able to take my manual wheelchair abroad with me, and needed to get out and walk onto the plane, but this development means that I’ll be able to roll onto planes without getting out, and take my chair all over the world with me. Mind you, rather strangely, the article says the adaptation is currently only for powerchairs, not manual wheelchairs, but assures us that that will follow soon. Nonetheless, this is a great step forward in making travel accessible for all.

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