Lifts on the Tube should be Cripple Only

I’m seriously considering starting a campaign to make all lifts on the London Underground legally wheelchair only. I’m fed up of having to wait for people who are perfectly able use the escalators, using the lifts. It pisses me off almost as much as prams taking up the wheelchair space on busses, and the mums refusing to move them. Of course there will have to be exceptions such as crutch users (actual crutch users mind, not people who just carry a single crutch around for show while being perfectly ambulant), but people who can use stairs or escalators should be made to do so. Now, I don’t want to generalise or resort to stereotype, but certain types of people seem more likely to use lifts – doing so as if they owned them – than others. How such a law would be enforced is another question, although personally I think fitting wheelchairs with tasers might be the way forward.

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