London Needs More Cablecars

I realise that the Emirates Air Line isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and doesn’t always get the best press, but if you ask me, London could do with more cable cars like it. Now, hear me out: London has one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world. It’s far from perfect, of course – nowhere near enough tube stations are wheelchair accessible, for one – but I can get around the city in a large variety of ways, from tube trains, busses, trams or even boats. Out on my trundle yesterday, I was crossing the river on the cable car, and it occurred to me that it was a great addition to the transport network. While it may be a bit of a tourist attraction and novelty, it nonetheless is an excellent way of getting from the North Greenwich Peninsular to the Excel Centre, affording passengers great views across the city en route. Now that there is more and more traffic on the roads, I reckon London should start building more cable cars like it, perhaps at other points along the Thames, or up in the city centre, say between parks. That way, fewer people would need to use busses, cutting traffic.

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