Who Wants To Play Chuckie Egg?

‘Chuckie Egg’ is a name I can’t have heard in well over twenty-five years. It is the name of a game once played on BBC Micro computers. BBCs were very basic machines by today’s standards, but I still have very fond memories of them: in the eighties and early nineties, they were used in schools. My parents bought one for the family, in part so I could learn to type, write stories and communicate. You could also play basic computer games on them too, loaded using thin floppy disks. One of them, I vaguely remember, was called Chuckie Egg, a simple platform game. Every breaktime at school I either used to try to play it, or sit and watch my classmates playing it.

I had naturally totally forgotten about it. On the BBC’s Click program yesterday, it was mentioned that somebody has now created an online BBC Micro simulator. That of course caught my interest, so I just tapped it into Google. I’m not sure I’ve found the full simulator they mentioned yet, but I think this is worth flagging up. Chuckie Egg can now be played online, in all it’s BBC glory. I know computer games have come on a long way since I watched my friends playing this, but you can’t beat a classic.

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