John Cleese Has Lost My Respect

I used to have a lot of respect for John Cleese. I thought he was a very clever, funny man. Yet after reading this and watching the interview it is about, that has now changed. ”’John Cleese has said he intends to put in a formal complaint about the “deception, dishonesty and tone” of recent BBC interview he took part in.” He feels he was presented as out of touch and harmful. Watching the interview, though, that’s blatantly not the case. The questions Cleese was asked were perfectly rational and justifiable, but the arrogant twat refused to answer them in his desperation to get his baseless, right-wing views across. People aren’t being over-protective as Cleese claims; we just refuse to tolerate the reductive, reactionary, xenophobic crap which held society back for so long.

The interviewer opens the piece by asking Cleese to state what interests him about the subject, which he does; but when she tries to dig deeper by stating that others my feel what cleese is saying is old fashioned, he becomes increasingly defensive, refusing to answer perfectly justifiable questions. Cleese is clearly apprehensive about the subject, as if he doesn’t know enough about it, or feels like he’s being attacked for holding opinions which, deep down, he knows he cannot justify. In the end he gets up and walks out, like a petulant child who can’t deal with being confronted, and in doing so looses my respect.

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