A Seismic Result

Needless to say, I was very pleased to wake to the news that the Tories took a massive arse-kicking in North Shropshire overnight. As I’m sure anybody reading this will already know, the Tories lost a seat they had held for almost two centuries to the Lib Dems. Politically this is quite seismic, especially given the size of the swing. People are obviously now starting to see Boris Johnson for the entitled, lying scumbag he is, but I would just like to point out something which the mainstream media don’t seem to be emphasising – at least the beeb aren’t: The party the Tories lost so massively to are a Remain party who want the UK to reenter the EU. If this was merely a slap in the face for the tories, if people simply wanted to show their anger and discontentment with the current government, they may have voted Labour or someone else. Yet the fact that this was such a landslide win for a Remain/Rejoin party, especially in an area which had voted Leave so strongly, must surely be a sign that the whole country now sees Brexit as the massive mistake it is. The country no longer wants the Tories in government, and it no longer wants to have left the EU.

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