A New Year Reunion

I’m currently sat in the back room of a house I have known since I was very, very small. Indeed, in near enough the spot I’m sitting, I remember my greek grandfather sitting me on his lap, swaying me back and forth singing an old greek melody to my infant self. That was over thirty years ago though, and much has changed since then, but this old place remains the same. My grandparents are, sadly, no longer with us; yet their legacy, the vibrant, budding family they gave rise to, remains a strong presence in this old north London house.

I’m currently here with my parents, down from Cheshire. It’s the first time I’ve physically seen them in months, and the first time I’ve been here for even longer. I got here yesterday, and my brother Luke and his wife Yan will be joining us later for lunch. It’s the first proper family get together for months: the last two years have been so chaotic that, like so many families, we just have not been able to hook up. It thus seems rather apt, then, to be reuniting in this old family place, so full of memories stretching back decades. We will, of course, be celebrating the dawn of a new year, probably all hoping for the opportunity for many more such family get togethers.

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