An Overdue Family Meal

Just as an update on Saturday’s entry, I must say I had a lovely weekend. My mum and dad came down to the old family house in Harlesden a few days ago, and I joined them on Friday for a long overdue family weekend. To be honest we didn’t do much: for various reasons, I’d been pushed there in my manual chair by Serkan, so I couldn’t really go anywhere, but that wasn’t the point. I think we all just wanted a good old-fashioned family weekend together; and to that end, being joined by Luke and Yan on Saturday for the traditional new year gammon made it even more special. It really was great to see them all, and talk together like we used to (the only thing missing was my other brother Mark and his family, but I suppose they will have to wait a bit longer). I’m pleased to report that everyone seems to be doing really well. You know, for all my swanning around South-East London, and as much as I relish my independence, you just can’t beat a meal with your family, cooked to perfection by your Mum, in a house you have known since childhood.

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