Have I Had Coronavirus?

Yesterday I went all the way over to Charlton to buy a new bottle of vitamin pills. This might sound silly, but I have always bought the same brand of vitamins from the same pharmacy in Charlton village. The staff there know me and what I buy. When I moved to Eltham two years ago though, I tried to change brands and buy my vitamins from a pharmacy nearby. The things is, when I did so, all of a sudden I began to feel very, very ill: I remember feeling more rotten than ever before. I instantly decided to change my vitamin brand back again. Luckily it only lasted a few days, but nonetheless it was far more potent than a simple cold – bad enough to be memorable even now. That was March 2020 though, so looking back I now wonder whether my awful feeling had anything to do with the change in vitamin pills at all, or whether I had in fact caught COVID-19. After all, March 2020 was when the pandemic was just beginning to get nasty, so the timing would fit. If my suspicion is correct though, then I have already caught coronavirus and recovered without realising, all because of my preference in vitamin pills. Thinking about it, changing my vitamin pill brand couldn’t have had such a drastic effect, so it was probably just a coincidence that I swapped vitamin pill brands at the same time. Even so, I felt poorly enough not to risk changing brands ever since.

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