The Green Planet starts tonight

Not that I want to sound too much like an ad for the BBC, but probably the biggest thing I can blog about today is the fact that Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary series, The Green Planet, starts tonight at seven on BBC One. As I wrote here a few weeks ago, I still find the fact that Sir David is still making wonderful natural history programs after all these years staggering: when you remember that he started presenting these programs in 1952, before either of my parents were born, it really blows your mind. Not only that, but his programs are pretty much the best thing on TV, and have been for the last seventy years; beating any talent competition or reality show hands down.

Perhaps the phrase ‘National Treasure’ is all too easily these days, but when it comes to Sir David Attenborough, I can think of no one who has made a greater contribution to this country’s cultural wealth. The fact that he is still going so strongly, and is no doubt about to amaze and fascinate the nation yet again, is surely cause for celebration.

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