Gove gets Stuck in a Lift

I suspect this will be the most amusing thing I’ll be able to blog about today (it’s either this or a post about arrogant Serbian tennis players who think they don’t need to be vaccinated, just because they’re champions). The wankmuffin Gove was trapped in a lift at the BBC for half an hour. “Cabinet minister Michael Gove missed an interview slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme earlier after getting stuck in a lift. The levelling up secretary missed his slot on Monday’s show, after an elevator in the BBC’s Broadcasting House stopped working.” Naturally I don’t believe in karma, but if I did, this would be the perfect demonstration. Gove has inflicted untold suffering of thousands of disabled people over the years, so perhaps he gets what he deserves. The arrogant, entitled tosser should have been using the stairs anyway. The only downside is, the p’tahk was eventually let out.

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