A Common Theme

I was watching the BBC lunchtime news earlier, and I couldn’t help noticing a bit of a theme running through at least the first two stories: First there was a report about yet more parties in Downing Street during lockdown. Apparently civil servants there were breaking social distancing rules willy-nilly, having boozy parties whenever they wished. This coming on the back of the revelation that Boris Johnson had attended such a party just weeks before. These tory toffs clearly don’t think the rules don’t apply to them, and that they have a right to do whatever they like, no matter who it hurts or insults.

We then had the news of the arrogant prick Novak Djokovic, still trying to get into Australia to play in the open despite refusing to get vaccinated. He and those supporting him are now arguing that he’s being treated unfairly somehow, and that the Australian government should waive the rules and just let him in because of who he is. Just how arrogant can you get? I’m glad to see the Aussies are sticking to their guns and insisting no one enters without a vaccination.

Both stories obviously relate to the pandemic, but both are also about wealthy people attempting to use their privilege to escape the rules which apply to the rest of us. In both stories we see rich, white, able bodied people trying to escape the restrictions which we all must obey, just because of who they are. In both we find the same kind of arrogance and contempt for others; the same kind of entitled disregard for the wellbeing of those they see as below their inherent social rank. The only way to get passed this pandemic is if we all work together and obey the rules; but if that is so, it is people like this who are the problem.

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