How To Deal With Anti-Vax Idiots

He can try to dress it up as an issue of bodily autonomy all he wants, if you ask me, Novak Djokovic is an anti-vaxxer prick who should be immediately stripped of all his trophies, banned from playing tennis for life and put to work collecting rubbish. This is a man who thinks he has a right to put other people in danger simply because he does not want to take a jab most other people have now had. Too precious about what goes into his body, he would knowingly risk spreading a deadly virus rather than get vaccinated. As I wrote here a few weeks ago, selfish idiots like him infuriate me. Surely we need wiser, more altruistic rolemodels than this arrogant idiot in the media and on our sports pitches. Not only should he be prevented from playing in upcoming competitions; he should be stripped of his previous titles and banned from professional tennis. At least that would send a clear message that such selfish, arrogant behaviour is not acceptable.

One thought on “How To Deal With Anti-Vax Idiots

  1. I will not defend Djokovic. I am sure he has done the research (HA!). However, I will commend his acceptance of being barred from play as a result of his choice.

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