Another Wednesday, Another Tory Insult

Watching PMQs earlier, I was enraged as I was last week by the stream of absolute bullshit produced by Boris Johnson. I get so enraged that I probably shouldn’t watch it. Johnson spouted lie after lie, obfuscation after obfuscation; blatantly refusing to answer any question directly while claiming credit for the phenomenal work of the NHS, an organisation he and the Tories would destroy if they had the chance. The hypocrisy, the pomposity, the arrogance we are subject to every Wednesday, from a snobbish toff who thinks authority was his birthright but who should be sweeping the streets, twice fired for lying, boils my blood. We deserve better than the blatant misrule of a group of entitled, privileged toffs who only care about their own wealth and power, and who would lie their heads off to cling on to it.

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