A Sickening Sight

I have described what I call my ‘rages’ on here before: how, due to my cp, I tend to express anger very viscerally and physically. I tend to lose control, and start shouting, shaking and throwing things. Well, today watching PMQs, they were worse than ever. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more furious with anyone than how I now feel with Boris Johnson. That he had the sheer, barefaced arrogance to stand in the House of Commons and attempt to justify throwing a party while the rest of the nation was sheltering from a deadly virus, is beyond contemptible. How dare he? How dare he carry on as if the rules don’t apply to him, offering lame excuse after lame excuse; patronising us with the gut-wrenching ‘I know best’ tone of a man who thinks political power is his birthright, and that nobody else has the authority to take it from him? It was more than I could stomach, and by the end I was shaking with rage. Between that and the sight of his Tory sycophants trying to cover the arse of their dear leader, I had to go for a walk afterwards to try to calm down. Why should we put up with these charlatans? As far as I am concerned the Conservatives are not a political party but a group of selfish, arrogant power-hungry disgraces to humanity unfit for government. They don’t care who else suffers or how unfair things are as long as they are on top. The party should be forced from office and disbanded immediately.

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