Flying Into a War Zone for a Photo Op

What kind of utterly pathetic politician would try to distract attention away from his failing, corrupt chancellor by flying across a continent into an active war zone so he can look like a hard man posing in front of tanks for the press? Well, that’s the kind of Prime Minister the UK currently has. Even if we leave aside the fact that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could never have happened without Brexit, to see Johnson try to appear so masculine and statesmanlike – possibly even Churchillian – beside Zelensky, when we all know that he’s nothing but a weedy little coward desperate to distract people away from the catastrophic failures of his government, really is pathetic. I really hope people see Johnson for what he is: for him to fly all that way, putting himself and others in danger by entering an active war zone, a place where he can be of no use whatsoever, so he can project an image of himself which is the very antithesis of the egotistical cowardly charlatan the world knows him to be, really is contemptible.

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