A Possibly Dark Consequence

I must confess that I don’t keep as close an eye on French politics as perhaps I should, given that France is one of our nearest neighbours. I thus don’t feel qualified to say much about the election there. I would point out, though, that if Marine Le Pen is elected, things might become interesting (but not in a good way) in two years time. Putting my Olympics geek hat on, in 2024 Paris at last hosts the games: can you imagine how appalling things could become if by then, France is being run by a far right bitch who, among other horrifying things, wants to ban women from wearing the head scarf? No doubt Le Pen would demand to impose her authoritarian mark on proceedings, but what message might that send out, and could the IOC tolerate it? After all, the Olympics and Paralympics are about global unity and acceptance: ideals which fascists like Le Pen manifestly oppose. Of Course, I’m not writing this to try to make light of what will be a very serious decision for our French neighbours in two weeks’ time, but simply to point out a consequence of that decision they might not necessarily have considered. After all, I’m sure that neither they nor the International Olympic Committee would want Paris 2024 to become Berlin 1936.

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