Shut Up Welby

I must admit I was quite pissed off when I saw the headlines this morning. Justin Welby, the man calling himself the Archbishop of Canterbury, has spoken out against the Tory plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. While I don’t disagree with Welby per se, I have profound problems with this man trying to usurp current politics for his own anachronistic, regressive ends. Of course what the Tories are planning to do is utterly wrong, and I don’t think many thinking people would disagree with me; but by spouting such bollocks as ”the plan is opposite to the nature of God”, Welby is trying to use the issue to reinforce the outdated dogma he and preachers like him rely upon for their sociopolitical authority. This has nothing to do with God or any fantastical beings, yet this man, who nobody voted for, thinks he has a right to comment on it simply because he claims authority from God. If everyone stopped believing in the group of Roman myths he derives his authority from, Welby and preachers like him would be ignored like every other nutter spouting baseless, irrational rubbish on the streets. Why, then, are his views being reported in the news, as though he is a democratically elected politician? I have profound problems with him trying to use this very troubling issue as a means of reinforcing his own authority.

2 thoughts on “Shut Up Welby

  1. Much as I don’t particularly disagree with you, whether we like it or not the Archbish IS a member of our ruling government, allbeit the un-elected, but nevertheless extremely powerful, House of Lords


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