How Far Up Theirselves can Anyone Go?

If you have ever wondered just how far up their own arse it’s possible for anyone to go, this could answer your question. I don’t want to name the person for fear of giving them the attention they so obviously desire, but a certain former tabloid newspaper editor has likened himself to Nelson Mandela for the way he has been supposedly silenced for expressing his views. Just how pretentious can anyone get? Mandela spent years in jail in his fight against apartheid; yet here we have a straight, white, male tabloid hack who has never experienced a second of persecution or discrimination in his life, melodramatically likening himself to the great South African freedom fighter simply because he was fired from presenting a TV program for spouting right wing drivel. He was being deliberately obnoxious and confrontational in an effort to stand out and establish himself on the right, and he got what he deserved. That such a scumbag would now compare himself to a hero of peace, democracy and equality such as Nelson Mandela is sickeningly crass and utterly, utterly contemptible.

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