The Struggle to Recast James Bond

It may have been one of the first things I came across this morning, but I just want to flag this up. It’s a Variety article about the struggle Barbara Broccoli now faces to recast James Bond. This is something I’ve been pondering quite a bit recently: how on earth are they going to replace Daniel Craig? Craig made such an impact on the franchise I think it’s a bigger ask than ever before. As the article says, the Bond franchise is arguably cinema’s greatest, longest lived phenomenon; culturally it is enormous. Even before Craig, it was unlike any other media franchise, but his five films took it to a new level. Craig added a gritty realism and depth to Bond unlike anything we had seen before. Frankly, I don’t see how he can be followed: whoever is cast, they will be starting from square one, trying to inhabit a character with greater cultural prominence than any other. The pressure to live up to their predecessors will be enormous. Part of me thinks it can’t be done and that they should leave the franchise there, but as Broccoli says that clearly isn’t an option. Either way I think it will be quite some time before we find out who will play 007 next.

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