June Bond Update

The next addition to the Bond franchise is at least two years away, according to this Guardian article. Following Daniel Craig’s departure, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are apparently now working on a complete reset of the series, although, apart from a vague reference to some kind of TV series, there isn’t much detail yet about what that might entail. To be honest that isn’t that surprising: as I touched upon here a couple of months ago, the mark Craig made on Bond was so profound that the only way he can possibly followed is to start from scratch. I mean, not to belittle any of his predecessors, but Craig took 007 to another level: for over fifteen years, Craig gave us a gritty, realistic Bond who it was a thrill to watch. Craig really cemented Bond’s position within our culture, breathing new life into the franchise. I can’t see how any actor could follow that: the weight of expectation will be almost suffocating. The producers are thus right to wait a while to let the cultural dust settle, and then approach the franchise from a completely new direction. According to the article, they have no script yet, nor have they made any choices about what direction to take the franchise.

Yet at least one thing is certain: James Bond will return.

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