Operation Mincemeat

I finally got around to taking myself down to the cinema yesterday afternoon. While Operation Mincemeat got slightly bogged down in details about relationship issues at times, on the whole I found it an intriguing film which skilfully brought to life a less well known episode of history. There were great performances from Colin Firth and Jason Isaacs, among others, wonderfully bringing to life the mavericks in three piece suits who ran the country and it’s intelligence services at that time. Of course, I especially liked the appearance of Ian Fleming: while he played a relatively minor role in the plot to deceive Hitler that the Allies would invade Greece rather than Sicily, it was great to see the creator of James Bond, 007, at the meetings where everything was planned. Even better, the film revealed the origins of names like ‘M’ and ‘Q’, although it resisted the temptation to get too ‘Bondish’. Above all, Operation Mincemeat is a great World War Two story of espionage and drama, intrigue and tension which keeps viewers guessing until the end.

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