Communication Works 2022

Today was the first Communication Works conference in two or three years, and the first to be held at Charlton Athletic Football Ground rather than Charlton Park Academy. I’m pleased to report that it seems to once again have been a roaring success: held in a conference room overlooking the pitch, there were about thirty exhibitors, each displaying a new piece of communication technology. Most, but not all, seemed to be geared towards touch screens or tablets, although there were some very impressive eye gaze systems. During my time there, I had a chat with Abdi Omar, a very interesting guy who uses his head-pointer system to deliver motivational speeches.

Communication Works seems to be going from strength to strength. Although conferences obviously had to be suspended due to the pandemic, now that the crisis is over I’m very glad to see that events like Communication Works are making a return. It now even has a northern sister conference too, I’m told. With communications technology being used to help more and more people, especially young people, it’s brilliant to see such events flourishing and becoming more pronounced.

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