Back Off from Channel Four, Dorries

These days, I can’t help getting more and more furious at the bunch of arrogant charlatans currently running the country; my anger now grows daily. I just came across this Independent article. The Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is now trying to deflect the blame for Tory cruelty by claiming that people who appeared in a 2010 Channel Four documentary were actually actors. “The documentary show featured four MPs, including Ms Dorries, spending time living on deprived housing estates around Britain.” It was presumably an expose of the savagery of Tory cuts to social support at the time, and now the Tories are claiming it was all a stitch up, effectively accusing Channel Four of lying. I find that utterly sickening: rather than own up to and apologise for the suffering the Tories are knowingly causing, they would have us all believe that they are good people who mean us no harm, and the increasingly negative light they are being cast in is all a big mainstream media conspiracy. Why Oh why must we put up with this bunch of lying, deceiving scumbags running the country?

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