Looking Forward to Riding The Elisabeth Line

At the risk of sounding like a sad transport geek, I must admit I’m looking forward to Crossrail opening tomorrow. I’ve now lived in London for twelve years, but as I was saying here a couple of weeks ago, for all that time most of central London north of the Thames has been pretty much out of bounds for me, simply because the tube lines were inaccessible. Getting up there would have been more trouble than it was worth, so I tended to avoid central London. From tomorrow, however, a vast amount of the metropolis will become far easier to reach: I’ll be able to just hop on a bus down to Woolwich, and from there the Elisabeth Line will take me to Paddington, Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road or wherever. The upgrading of the Northern Line will also help with this, of course. I see myself being able to explore Central London like I’ve explored eastern London, and I really can’t wait to see a few more of the famous sights and royal parks up there.

Expect a few entries on that, including one about my first trip on the Elisabeth Line, on here soon.

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