Not One Of My Better Ideas

Going up into central London today probably wasn’t one of my better ideas, to be honest. At around midday I was at home, wondering what to do with the afternoon. At such times I usually just go up to Stratford for a trundle around the Olympic Park, but today I thought it would be cooler to check out all the Jubilee festivities. Getting there would be easy enough: a few stops along the Jubilee line takes me to Westminster, and from there I could roll into St. James Park and see what was going on.

As soon as I got there though, I realised I should have stayed at home: the park was thronging with people. I could barely move. There was scaffolding and fences; the crowds were kicking up dust from the paths which got into my eyes. These certainly weren’t the conditions for the kind of nice, leisurely stroll I usually enjoy. Nonetheless I pressed on, eventually finding the Mall.

From there I had a walk around the area, taking in Whitehall, Downing Street and Trafalgar Square, before finding my way to Green Park tube station and returning home. Believe it or not it had been years since I last went up there for a walk, but now I’m not so concerned about riding the tube or encountering Outists in Parliament Square, I think I’ll go more often. As I said a few entries ago, I really want to get to know central London a bit more. Today really wasn’t the best day to start my exploration though.

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