Better an Anachronism Than An Autocracy

I’ve obviously been thinking about the queen again today. There was an event celebrating the Platinum Jubilee in Charlton Park earlier, which I went to. Of course, we all know that the concept of a monarchy in this day and age is a bit of an anachronism: the idea that someone can hold a position, political, social or otherwise, simply because they were born into a certain family is totally outdated. Yet I think most people still have a soft spot for the queen. I for one am not one of those numpties who rails against the monarchy just to sound provocative or rebellious; I understand that the issue is far too nuanced just to cry “Down with Liz!” For starters, being a constitutional monarchy is part of the cultural identity of the UK; it’s part of who we are, setting us apart from other countries. For another thing, I’d rather have a queen as our head of state than a president with unchecked authority. Can you imagine how sickening it would be if Boris Johnson was our president rather than Prime Minister, doing as he pleases as if the country was his personal possession? The scumbag is bad enough as it is, but at least he has to answer to the queen. That holds him and all other governments in check. In theory at least, our monarchy acts as a regulatory body, making sure governments never go too far.

That’s why I think we should keep things as they are with regard to the queen. As many other people have already pointed out, for seventy years, she has been a rock of stability for the country. A mother or grandmother figure, most people don’t know anything else. Whether the situation will change when someone else takes the throne though, remains very much to be seen.

4 thoughts on “Better an Anachronism Than An Autocracy

  1. Have you been reading the Daily Mail mate? They’re all a bunch of parasites who contribute nothing. It annoys me that as a country we’re celebrating the Parasite in Chief like a bunch of peasants. Any say they have over Parliament is dubious and even when ol’ Queenie does want to interject it’s usually so Buckingham Palace doesn’t have to hire foreigners.

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    1. Mate I’m not denying the monarchy is an anachronism, but given it has very little actual power, and for the most part is just a bit of the iconography which makes up the UK, I don’t think we should be too hasty to get rid of it.

      And no, I would never wipe my arse with the Daily Mail, let alone read it.


  2. Well that’s good. We’ll keep bowing down to a bunch of nonces, racists and parasites in the name of iconography. GOD BLESS YOU MA’AM!


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