Platinum Jubilee Saturday

I have had quite a good weekend so far: yesterday afternoon I went over to Charlton Park to watch my friends in the Blackheath Mighty Eights cricket team for the first time this summer. Unfortunately the Eights lost, having batted first and set a woefully low target of 109, but it was still a great, quintessentially English, afternoon.

Then, yesterday evening, of course I settled down to watch the Platinum Jubilee concert. I had heard that Sir David Attenborough would be participating in it, so I was optimistic to see if anything awesome or noteworthy – the type of thing I get obsessed with for months or years – would come up. In the event, I must admit that I wasn’t really taken by it. Attenborough was involved, of course, but he just gave quite a short, pre-recorded speech about conservation. And if you think I’m going to write pages of analysis about the queen ‘meeting‘ a CGI Paddington Bear as I did with Happy And Glorious, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. As amusing as it was, and as well as Her Majesty acted, it just wasn’t in the same league as when she parachuted out of a helicopter alongside 007. The rest of the concert was just a few musical hits really, and nothing to get my teeth into.

Today promises to be interesting too, overcast though it is. There is some sort of local street party here later, which should be worth a look. If anything particularly cool happens, expect an account on here tomorrow.

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