Jealous Janeway

Kate Mulgrew really is a jealous bitch, isn’t she? The actor, who played Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek Voyager, is now talking about creating her own live action Star Trek spin-off series. Mulgrew is obviously jealous of Sir Patrick Stewart. She clearly thinks that if Picard got his own revival show, Janeway should have one too. But she’s oblivious to the fact that Janeway was not half as good as Picard: she didn’t have his gravitas or depth, and was frankly just an annoying cow. As an actor, Mulgrew had none of the pathos or depth Stewart brought to Trek: Where are her equivalent of episodes like The Inner Light or The Best Of Both Worlds? I also doubt she had anywhere near as much impact on fans, most of whom were, by the final seasons, frankly just watching Voyager to ogle Jerri Ryan, it had become so crap. Star Trek The Next Generation had episodes which stood with you and you remember; and included a cast which was lead by a captain who was three dimensional. Picard had flaws, but we admired him. The same could be said of Captain Ben Sisco in Deep Space Nine, especially by the latter three or four seasons. Yet Janeway and Voyager had none of that depth: both series and character were poorly written and lightweight. Thus as a Star Trek fan I think Mulgrew is being both arrogant and presumptuous here: if she thinks Janeway has the status of Picard, Kirk or even Sisco, she is gravely mistaken.

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