I’m embarrassed to be a UK citizen

I’m not the kind of person who gets embarrassed very easily, after all the ridiculous things I have done over the years, but I must say I’m embarrassed to be a UK citizen right now. More specifically I’m embarrassed by our government. What they are doing in trying to deport refugees to Rwanda is appalling. These people are coming here looking for help, but the Tories want to deter them by threatening to send them to Africa. It’s a move obviously designed to appeal to their heartless, brainless voter base, relishing the opportunity to treat immigrants as inhumanely as possible. As an open, tolerant nation we ought to welcome whoever comes here looking for help; yet the Tories would turn us into a society of hate-filled xenophobes, suspicious of anyone who looks new or different. It’s an absolutely disgusting, truly embarrassing place to be in for any country, and only renews my already solid conviction that none of the people currently governing the country has any place being where they are.

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