I say we break shane warnes leg.

Oh god. I was quite cheerful this morning until I saw the test score. Doon’t get me wrong: I knew we’d probably loose, but even after three days it looks like we’re in for a drubbing.

Nevertheless, loose or win, it’s nice to see the game being played. Cricket has a long and glorious set of traditions behind it, and it’s great to see them being preserved. If one of those traditions is that we only win the ashes every 18 years, so be it. Besides, loosing makes winning even sweeter.

who am I kidding. Will someone please break shane warne’s leg!

actors workshop day

Its been a long day, really. Today was the day of the actors workshop, and reasoning that I’ll one day need to learn about actors if I am ever to become a director, I went along to watch. Besides. Most of my friends were there.

Actors, I have decided, are weird. They seem to play games. Their warm up exercises are decidedly odd. They seem to be possessed of a power to turn emotion on and off like a plug socket. Its also odd to watch them rehearse: trying out different ways of saying things, trying to ratchet up intensity. Their misuse of the word ‘energy’ aside, it was most fascinating.

Tired as I am, there’s not much more I can write. Ii ate fish and chips at Tony’s house with Jim and, err, Tony, then watched an Eddie Izzard DVD; I only just got in. All in all, a good day

of cats in metaphysical places

As I was getting dressed, Yvonne mentioned the cricket score. My first reaction was an expletive of Germanic origin. At time of writing, as I chomp breakfast, Australia are 602 for 9 against our 50 for three. Oh brother. We don’t stand a chance!

the hobbit movie

I emerge from my bond craze, if just temporarily, to see the most stupid film-related news in years. Peter Jackson might not be enlisted to direct the Hobbit. WTF?

Given that his job on Lord of the Rings was so good (I think it’s still my favourite film, but don’t tell the man with the silly moustache), Jackson is the only man who can make that film. Moreover, if you got any other director for the task, there’d inevitably be a stylistic mismatch which would make the whole thing ridiculous aesthetically. I admit I’m an auteurist when it comes to film, and thus believe Jackson is the only man for the job.


enter the matrix

my online friend simon just showed me this. I had heard about secondlife for a while, but had no idea it was quite so big – even major media corporations are taking note. I’m just boggled.

Is this the birth of the Matrix?

Commander Bond has expensive tastes

I was invited to go to an Indian meal last night with the cast of 100 years of solitude. I went, naturally, but since I had taken the opportunity to eat in the canteen earlier (one never knows for sure how an evening will pan out) I only had something light. However, since the bar seemed well stocked, I decided to try something.

One of the advantages of using a voca is you can store messages. Ordinarily, you store common phrases like ‘yes please’ or ‘Hi, I’m matt’. You can also store small recipes, and this is how I ordered something called a Martini, or a slight variation thereof: three measures gin, one vodka, and half a vermouth, served cool with a thin slice of lemon. I had wanted a vesper (”Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.”) but suspected the bar didn’t extend to kina Lillet. As it was, they didn’t’ have vermouth so I just substituted bottle martini. It was, of course, shaken, not stirred.

Nice though it was, it cost £8.50! Zarks! That’s the last time I follow James’ advice, at least for a while.

you know his name

recently, for some reason I’ve been playing a lot of the bond themes (well, it makes a change from star trek and jurassic park). you can watch the new bond theme, You know my name, here. I rather like it, but its not as good as carly simoon or shirley bassey

u just need a sledgehammer

Today as part of widening participation (the scheme run here at mmu) I went to talk to people at the Hillary centre, Crewe. Joss west-Burnham asked me to do so a while ago: it is a centre for disabled adults, some of whom have had some quite negative experiences when it comes to learning. One man in particular was focussed too much on the barriers, but I told him the benefits and joy I get from uni life far exceeded the hastle.

It is true there are barriers to learning for some. Walls exist, but so do great big sledgehammers. I think I was there to reassure them that there are certainly ways their dreams can be for filled, whatever they are. whatever your age, ability or race, all dreams are achieavable: you just need a find a way.*

It was quite a pleasant afternoon. I went for an hour, discussing university life and answering questions. Such tasks make me feel proud of myself.

*It is the route, not the goal I questioned last friday


Bbc news has reported on something very worrying indeed. Disabled and visibly ill children are more likely to be bullies at school. To a certain extent this is obvious: one needs only to have been a kid to know how shallow and vicious they can be. Many cant seem to tolerate any difference whatsoever.

I fear that many people would look at this article and say ‘wouldn’t they be better off in a special school?’ at first this seems the obvious solution: keep the special kids away from their bullies. But a closer inspection reveals this analysis to be as moronic as it is condescending. Keeping kids apart only feeds prejudice against the ‘other’ when taught apart, kids learn to feel and resent difference even more, so when such kids do come into contact the bullying is ten times worse.

Obviously, Professor Al Aynsley-Green’s report will be ceased upon by the maria hutchings and David CaMoron’s of this world – people with absolutely no understanding of the issues – as evidence that inclusive education does not work. We must counter them with logic, inclusion does work and it is the only sensible solution to such problems.