Exhibition 2017

Something is now in the offing which could turn out to be very awesome indeed. A few weeks ago, I was trying to come up with ideas for the film festival. I told you about the idea I settled upon a few days ago. Before that, though, I had been mulling the idea of somehow putting on another exhibition, but with a film focus. You may remember, ten years ago, I put on an exhibition at university about my life as a disabled student. We took over the campus gallery and filled it with my writing and photos.

A few weeks ago I began to think about doing something similar here in charlton for the film festival. If I could somehow recapture the awesomeness of my original, it could be amazing. The problem was, how to organise it? For starters I would need a space to put it.

It was then that I thought about asking school. Being a special school, they could have both the remit and facilities to host something like this. I drafted a simple proposal and sent it to them. A few days later, I got my answer: they thought it was a fantastic idea. Instead of doing it for the film festival, though, they suggested making it part of Communication Works, their event focussing on AAC. I agreed, it might be a much better idea. After all, I now want to do something about 1000 Londoners for the film festival.

I am now very excited: I have another exhibition to organise. I don’t want it to just be about me this time, though – surely I’m not that egotistical. Yet there’s so much I can do with this, so much I can put in, that I barely know where to start.

Busy brothers

Yesterday was my brother Luke’s thirty-first birthday. I tried to skype him, but he and Yan must have been out. The problem is, they’re so busy these days that I never know when to call, so I rarely speak to him. The same goes for my older brother Mark. They both live hectic lives, going to conferences here there and everywhere, either unravelling the deep, stringy mysteries of the universe or designing cyborgs. It seems a lifetime ago that we all sat round that kitchen table together and ate dinner together. Oh well. I hope Luke had a good birthday anyway, and that he knows I’m thinking about him.

Une Femme Coquette

I wouldn’t be able to call myself a cinephile if I didn’t flag this up today. Jean Luc Godard’s very first short film, Une Femme Coquette, is now available to watch online. As the adjoining article says, it was long thought to be lost, and is thus one of the world’s rarest films. It’s quite a Sunday morning treat, then, to be able to watch the very film which began the career of one of the world’s greatest directors.

Reestablishing links

I’m still very much a trekkie, of course, and I’ve recently been eagerly absorbing all the news I can find about Discovery. The sixth incarnation of Star Trek is due to premiere later this year. Truth be told, it’s been so long since we’ve had any proper Star Trek, I can’t wait. Mind you, I’m wise enough now not to get my hopes up too high: Enterprise was a bit of a dud, and like most Star Trek fans I was very disappointed indeed with the reboots. Nonetheless, if we can have just aglimpse of the epic, spellbinding heights Trek reached during my childhood, I’ll be happy.

I’ve recently been thinking about Andrew Fox again, too. It has now been sixteen years since he passed away. He was a huge trek fan, and I keep wondering what he’d make of these new incarnations of his favourite programme. We always used to discuss it back at school. I keep wondering about his family, too: they became sort of familiar to the class, as they came with us to Glasgow etc. So much time has passed since I last saw them; so much has happened. I would like to know how his mum and grandparents are doing. I’d love to update them on new life here in London. The thing is, I only have a limited amount of info to go on, and there’s only so much you can do with Google. I’ll keep trying, though – it would be good to get back in touch. Andy was a good guy. It’s funny how the coming of something new sometimes makes you want to reestablish links with the past.

Small mercies

At last! A bit of, if not exactly good, then better news. I was dreading reading the headlines this morning; dreading yet another of those mind-numbingly stupid days like the two last year. If that utter scumbag Nuttall had won up in Stoke, it for me would be another step on the journey into fascism we began last year. I don’t think I would have been able to bear the sight of that embarrassment to humanity in the Palace of Westminster. Thankyou stoke for not taking us all further down that road. As it is, the tories got in, which I suppose is bad enough in normal times; but these aren’t normal times, and those of us currently despairing at the way things are going must cling on to such small mercies.

presentation ideas

I have already written over a thousand words today, the first time I’ve done so in quite some time. I was at an organisation meeting for this year’s Charlton and Woolwich Film Festival. Preparations for it are now going well. The thing is, while it’s not until September, I was becoming increasingly conscious that I didn’t have much prepared for it.

At the last meeting back in December, I’d rather foolishly blurted out an idea, just off the top of my head, about doing something about my relationship to the Bond films. Bond is able-bodied, the master of his surroundings, whereas I am the antithesis of that. It was quite a cool idea for a presentation, but I promptly forgot all about it amid the Londoners project. I began to think about doing a presentation on the latter instead.

When I was asked last night how my bond presentation was going, then, I replied the idea had changed completely. Everyone was cool with that – there is still six months to go, after all. Yet, when I came to think about it again, my first idea still seemed a good one. The Londoners idea was still the one I’d probably go with, but…well, you know me and 007.

I decided to just flesh it out, get something down about it before turning to my later idea. That’s what I did this morning: I trotted out a thousand words on why bond might appeal to someone with a physical disability. It’s not much, and it is quite rough, but there’s the core of an argument there, ready for me to return to if need be. It felt good to get back into that type of writing again, too: blogging is okay, but my entries are usually quite short an superficial. I wanted to sink my teeth into something for once. It’s only a thousand words I know, but at least I got my eye back in.

Full sized quadcopters

It’s shaping up to be one of those ‘here, there and everywhere’ days, and it’s barely halfway through. On days like today, I could really do with one of these. To be honest I was wondering how long it would be until someone scaled up a drone and built a full scale quadcopter. Mind you, I just hope they’ll be easier to look after than a pair of powerchairs.

There was no attack in sweden

A couple of years ago, if I had written a script describing how a reality tv star became president of america, then started accusing the media of fakery, to the extent that his supporters are now saying the media are covering up an attack in Sweden which never happened but which he referred to, you’d have told me to write something more sensible. I know that Trump was referring to a report on immigration that he’d seen on Fox news the night before (where else would such a reactionary halfwit get his information?) rather than the terrorist attack everyone took him to mean, but we’ve reached a point beyond absurd. I couldn’t believe my ears: certain people were/are maintaining there was an attack in Sweden, simply because Trump alluded to one, and then went about saying the mainstream media were covering it up just to get at Trump. This is one of those things I hope I’ve misunderstood, because if there are such people so fanatically pro trump that they believe everything he says is automatically correct, then it implies humanity has taken another big step towards utter insanity.

Blue Planet II

My day – my entire week – has just been made. I’m up a bit earlier than usual, as I couldn’t sleep for some reason. I was just checking the beeb’s arts and entertainment page for news of anything cool, and found something phenomenal. You’d think that a man of his age and standing would have retired with the grateful consent of the country long ago, but I just read that Sir David Attenborough has announced he’s making Blue Planet II. The sequel to 2001’s Blue Planet obviously, it will explore ”the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known.” The first was truly breathtaking, so I’m really looking forward to watching this new addition later this year. Yet simply to see Attenborough, the greatest of tv presenters, still making programs is quite, quite incredible.

Embarrassing photographs

I was looking at old photos of myself on Facebook yesterday. I was horrified to note how many of them depicted me drunk: I suddenly realised I was sozzled in quite a few. I used to think it was a sign that I was having fun and something to be proud of, but yesterday, looking at these photos, I thought ”You utter prat!” Those pictures show how much of a dick I was: they aren’t a sign of me having fun, but of me getting so ratassed that I had to be put to bed early. Well, I’m glad that’s over: that stage of my life is finished with. No more pictures of me fast asleep in a chair in the garden; just sensible ones of the new, sensible me.