Who fancies a walk up to Swettenham?

As sometimes happens, I found  myself wistfully thinking about going for a walk up to Swettenham this afternoon. It’s a grey, miserable day here in  south London, and it has to be over decade now since I rode my chair up those lanes. I could either simply do it on Streetview, or I could watch  this lovely little  video. It was made by a guy two years ago, walking along paths and roads I once knew quite well with his wife and baby. The scenery jogged so many memories that I just had to flag it up on here. It takes me back to my early rebellious days riding around in my F55 – he even goes through a gate I remember having trouble opening. (Mind you, I think he mistakes the River Dane for a stream).  The countryside is quite beautiful up there, and the film  captures the architecture of the village’s medieval buildings so well that I thought it definitely deserves a blog entry. Or perhaps I’m just a Cheshire lad who has  been away  from the fields too long.

Getting complemented on my hat

I think I’ve mentioned on here before how I wear a baseball cap with ”Fuck Brexit” and ”Bollox to Brexit” badges on it. Of course, I don’t wear it  everywhere (I take it off when I’m at school, for example), but I see it as an important way of showing my opposition to what is going on. These days, though, I find I’m getting complemented on it  more and more: I was in Ikea this afternoon, and one of the guys assisting me said he liked my hat; then, rolling home, a woman crossing the road beside me said ”I like your badges”. It also happened the other day when I was in the building society. It’s happening more and more. People seem to be becoming more vocal in their opposition to Brexit. Let’s hope that this is yet another sign that the tide has  turned, and the days of this embarrassing farce are numbered,

The economics of Star Trek

I would feel like a totally negligent blogger and Star Trek fan if  I didn’t direct everyone to this fascinating and impressive piece of  analysis by Steve Shives. In it, Shives looks at the economics of Star Trek. It’s a subject I’ve always  been quite curious about, but at least a couple of  professional economists have taken a look at it in some depth. I like how, in the future Trek Shows us, humanity is no longer driven by greed  or the desire for personal acquirement. That is probably one of the prime reasons why the  program is so popular. As Shives concludes too, that is a future surely worth striving for. Also, on a totally different note, this video is an excellent example of  how intellectual and analytical online fandom is becoming too.  Hats off to Steve Shives

Surely Brexit is dead now

Surely – surely – Brexit is as dead as a doorstep after this news. ”A US-UK trade deal will not get through Congress if Brexit undermines the Good Friday Agreement, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives has said.” Not  only must  it be dead insofar as it endangrs our trade with america, but also in that it threatens the Irish peace process. In that one short sentence, then, we  can see how mind bogglingly stupid Brexit is. I know I should avoid posting these short little rants as blog entries, but this really is getting beyond a joke. If the UK is a serious country which values things like  peace processes and international accords properly, it would cut this Brexit crap instantly.

Caroline Lucas has lost all semblance of credibility

I’ve never known exactly what to think of the Green Party: broadly speaking, I agree with the green, environmentally friendly agenda, but the party goes slightly too far for me to vote for. However, today it and it’s leader, Caroline Lucas, has lost all semblance of credibility they  ever had. She is talking bollocks about a  government of national unity made  up entirely of women to get the country out of the Brexit crisis, because, she says, women argue less between themselves.

Truth be told, I’ve never heard anything so idiotic: of course women argue! They are probably worse than men! Women can be as bitchy as fuck, and as deceitful and self-serving as any man. It’s obvious that Lucas is just saying this foolishness because it would give her, as a woman, a chance to be in government. Yet any sensible person can see it’s patently absurd: for one, it would mean a government  which discriminates according to gender, something completely out of place in any modern democracy.

Lucas’ ravings will obviously just be ignored. Yet I just worry that such tripe dents the credibility of those fighting Brexit. We are supposed to be the sensible, intelligent ones; When people like lucas spout shit like this,  it makes remainers look as nutty as the outists. When the public hear people like Lucas frame the case for a second referendum in such stupid term, they may start to think Brexit was a good idea after all. I thus hope Lucas just shuts the smeg up, and, like Farage, keeps her idiotic ideas to herself.

HBD Mark 2019

Today is my brother Mark’s birthday. You know, I’m always in two minds about noting these family occasions on my blog: it is, after all, supposed to be for political and social commentary (well, that and Star Trek and James Bond stuff). Yet the fact is my family and friends mean a hell of a lot to me; I know that, without my parents, brothers and friends, I wouldn’t be in anywhere near the position I am today. Mark and Kat are currently in the south of France on holiday with the kids. I really hope they’re having a great time, and that Oliver and Elise are having fun with their Dad.  As for  myself, I’ll just wish my older bro a very happy birthday, and promise to call him soon.