I hate prams on busses

I am f#st developing an intense dislikke for busses. Lyn and I can’t drive, and allthough a few of our PAs can it makes sense to use public transport instead of busses. However, as you can probably tell from the llast two or three blog entries I made, I’ve been having a lot of fun with public transport recently. Yesterday was no exceeption, but the problem this time was prams.

We were going to Greenwich just to do some shopping, so we went to the bus stop. As usual, I got on the first bus and Lyn and Marta got on the one after. My trip was uneventful, but at the other end I waited and waited. Eventually I got a text saying they were having trouble getting on the bus: either the ramp didn’t work or there was a pram in the wheelchair space.

Almost exactly the same thing happened on the way back, except I decided to roll home under my own steam. I really do hate when mums put prams in wheelchair spaces, and then ignore the sign asking them to fold it if the space is needed by a wheelchair user. Poor Lyn must have waited about 45 minutes at the bus stop. In fact I would go as far as banning prams from using that space, or ban them from busses. It really is unfair when you’re cold, wet and hungry and you can’t get home just because some mum refuses to pick up their child and fold the pram.

another fiasco

I am starting to feel jinxed. Yesterday evening Lyn needed to get to an arts centre on tghe other side of london. We set off about four thirty, hoping to catch a boat up the river to westminster, then the tube. It started well enough – the boat was full, but not crowded, and although we were sightly late at westminster, we were okay. Howeever, despite Westminster station being marked as accessable, when our train turned up I couldn’t get on. I was in Defiant, and the step was too high.

Part of why lyn is so wonderful is that she lets me do all kinds of stuff but hardly ever puts herself first. Last nnight was an occasion when we were doing something lyn wanted to do. So for me to prevent us from getting there because of my damn wheelcchair felt aweful. Okay, so I wasn’t to know, but I should have gone in my manual chair so we could cope with such contingencies.

In the ennd we had a good meal on the south bank, then came home. I still feel horrid about last night. Guilty and sad that my girlfriend couldn’t do what she wanted because of me. Most of all, though, I feel pissed off at the tube service for marking a station acessable when it wasn’t.

Protest and publlic transport

Yesterday afternoon was stupid; in fact, it was a total wste of time and all I got out of it was an increased disliking for busses. I had learned from facebook that there was supposed to be a protest by ddisabled people against the cuts. I gather most disabled people feel as strongly as I do about the cuts in thhe nations budget aabout to be forced upon us. It was in speaker’s corner, in Hyde park. Not having been to a protest before,I decided to go despite the rain.

In retrospect, I should have stayed home and done some reading. It took three busses and two hours to get there: the 53 went on a detour, meaning I had to take the 12 then the 6. It meant a lot of waiting at bus stops, asking for help, then squeezing on to increasingly crowded busses. To make matters worse, the rain got harder and harder. When I eventually got there, I found the place deserted except for a few men tidying up plackards. My fellow crips had deserted their cause already – I was less thaan impressed.

I turned for home. I was going to retrace my stteps, or try to, so I got on a number six. Thhen I realised it went to Trafalgar square, so I could get the 53 directly. I seem to be getting to know my war around town. I got home about two hours later, after what seemed to be the longest and slowest bus ride in history, wet, irritated and needing a drink.

My keeness to protest has not diminished. Would you believe, at PMQ’s today CaMoron tried to claim that todays better-than-expected figures were their fault, when in fact thhey show that what Labour was doing was prudent, and that cutting now will stop the recovery in it’s infancy. I still believe we need to get rid of this government as soon as possible, or at least stop them implementing their draconian, ideologically-inspired cuts. Thus I think we need to protest, to make our voices heard. However, I think it’s best I stick to blogging to do this – it’s far easier, and much, much drier.

the first comparison

I heard the first serious comparisons being made between the economic situation now and that of the thirties last night. It was on newsnight. I’m not an economist, and I couldn’t understand everything they were saying, but for then to draw that comparrison struck me as worrying. No doubt as osbourn’s cuts begin to bite, we’ll slip back into recession. without money going into the system, how can money come oout of it? The ‘big society’ will prove to be the nonsense anyonee with half a brrain can tell it is, and before you know it the economy wiill drop lower than it haas done in seventty years.

This is very worrying. desparate times bring forth extremwe ideas: in the thirties, of course, it brought about the rise of fascism in europe, and already we’re beginning to see that happening again, albeit not to the same degree. As a member of a minority, I’m starting to worry history might start repeating itself unless the economic situation starts to improve. As the cuts bite, peoople will turn away from democracy and become more extreme. They will point to the coallition as weak aand indecisive, and there is no telling what will happen then.

Lyn and her Ipad

I know you could probbly find it via her blog, a link to which I posted the other day, but I think I need to direct you here. It’s a video of Lyn uning her Ipad. I know I don’t say much about it, and nor does L – it’s not really the done thing – but the way Lyn controls her Ipad with her nose is remarkable. As you can see, she uses it for everything from checking facebook to playing Sparkle. She’s even set it up to control the TV. We joke around here fthat she should have a contract with Apple, and they should pay herr to test their products. We may say this in jest, but you know, that might not be such a bad idea. Anyway, go look.

the ones you don’t plan.

This is not the blog I was going to write. Today’s entry was supposed to be about anarchism, and how stupid/brilliant it was. I was going to write a description of our trip to the Whitechapel Anarchist bookfair, and my impressions of it. I was looking forward to writing a review of te people I met and the Ideas I encountered. However, it was not to turn out to be thee day I intended: when we got to the train station to go to whitechapel, we descovered that all servicces in that direction were not running. My curiosity about anarchism had to give way to circumstance.

Fortunately, we were at thee o2. Niether lyn nor I wanted to just turn tail and go home, so we decidedb to make a day of it. It’s funny how, when you’re with the person you love, even when things go awry nothing seems that bad – theere was plenty of fun yet to be had. Oddly, I noticed a disproportionate number of little girls in dissney princess outfits in there, no doubt due to the Disney On Ice show in the o2 arena, but according to Lyn, ‘I’m just jealous’. We spent rest of the day browsing the shops in there and walking along the river for a bit. It turned ourt, in the end, to be a great day: we had a superb dinner at a resteraunt, including cocktails, before heading home.

Sometimes the best days are the ones you dont plan.

Lyn’s Disability Mac Blog

I’m very pleased to annnounce Lyn has changed her blog. It is now ‘Lyn’s Disability Mac Blog’. She writes ”[My] blog has been reformatted and now is about all things Mac and disability based. As a Mac user with a disability I’ll be looking at the Apple developments and how disabled users can take advantage of the technology.” Apple seem to be putting out some very good Apps right now for people with disabilities. Lyn intends to cover such things. I think it’s well worth a look.

an act of murder

Yesterday evening I made it ten. I was kind of frustrated about missing Generations on sunday thhat I decidsed to go buy a few of the star trek films on DVD. Last night I watched Generations, completing my set of viewings.

To be honest I needed something to take my mind off politics. Ysterday’s budget was a disaster, especially for my felloow disabled people. those on benefits, some of the most vulnerable people in society, will be squeezed the hardest. All ready on Ouch message boards people are already worrying about how they’re going to make ends meet. Mind you, Ouch will now probably be scrapped due to the cuts in the BBC (and if you need anyy more evidence that these cuts are motivated by dogma, look at that!)

The whole thing makes me feel physically sick. these cutts will kill. And, to cap it all, yesterday afteroon the fat cats in the financial sector were all jumping for joy while I was worrying about my benefits. Nothing could piss me off more. the selfishness and narrow-mindedness of the tories and their supporters in the city, who caused this crisis in the first place, appauls me. I know no words that express my contempt and hatred for their actions yesterday; it was no more or less than an act of murder.

an act of murder 3

I’m not sure what happened here. my blog posted my entry today tthree times. I suppose I should use it as an oppertunity to say something further, buut I can only say how very worried I am. I wish there was some way of removing these assholes from power – I really do. Anyway my coffee is going cold.