Despand the tory party now!

I have just been watching the tory party conference screaming at the tv. How dare that collection of insults to humanity laugh when they are causing so much pain? how dare thy pat themselves on the back when their policies have driven so many to suicide? how dare they pretend they are acting altruistically when by lowering tax they have caused people to starve. How dare they be so arrogant to think that wealth just trickles down, when anyone with just a shred of humanity sees that such policies feed only the wealthy few? how dare they laugh at labour,who actually care about other people, when each and every one of those vermin is guilty of such greed selfishness and arrogance? That which Ahab had against the whale is now nothing compared to what I now have against this collection of liars and cheats and idiots. Day after day I see reports of the suffering they alone have caused. All hyperbole aside I truly hold what the tories are doing, in directly attacking the poorest groups in society, to be criminal, and I want this group of selfish, arrogant arseholes broken up.

Sweet Home Charlton

Last night saw us at another outstanding Gus Glen gig at the Thai restaurant around the corner. I have rather fallen in love with those nights: they are fun, intimate little evenings with just Gus and his guitar (and ukelele) doing some of the classics. And of course he calls guests up too, including Lyn, who did a wonderful set last night. It’s only a small place – there could not have been more than fifteen people there last night – so everyone feels involved.

Indeed the highlight of my evening came at the very end, when Gus called Lyn up again to jam with him on Sweet Home Alabama. He knows I like that song, but I did not request it last night as I think it has started to annoy him. However, they played it just for me. I was thrilled! When it started, I suddenly felt the urge to do a steve and join in. I got up, grabbed the spare microphone and started to sing along. What everyone thought about it I know not – fortunately there were very few people there at that point – but I felt awesome. It brought back so many memories.

After that it was time to go home. I’d had a great evening, and I think Lyn had fun too. Mind you, I got slightly told off when I put Sweet Home Alabama on again after we got in.

[img description=”undefined image” align=”centre”]/images/sweet home charlton.jpg[/img]

Just one more folly

I am watching the news and I feel nothing. I am typing this sat on the sofa while watching the bbc news channel. They are of course discussing the new military action in Iraq, debating the complex politics and history of the situation, and I feel nothing. I don’t feel angry or upset, just blank. I have seen this before, and frankly no longer give a damn, either about the intricacies of it all, CaMoron’s motives, the possible outcomes, or anything. The situation might be dangerous, but I know my daily life won’t change: I’ll still get up in the morning, eat breakfast and zoom around London in my chair; Lyn will continue to compose; the sun will continue to rise. So let them have another war! Let them fight! Let them send more young men to die! It’s only one more in a string of such folly; a list which will be added to after this one, whether I listen or not, whether I object or not, whether I care or not. One folly leads to another then another. I will just carry on with my life, watching the news but feeling nothing.

Wheelchair-mounted breathalysers?

Someone, who shall remain unnamed, last night posted this video link to my facebook page with the comment ”ooh I wonder if this could have a breathalyser function lol”. While a wheelchair-mounted system which tracks one’s position and other vital statistics may be a very good idea for some vulnerable people, I am at a loss to see how that comment applies to me…ahem!

Not travelling to work

I suppose I should be used to such patheticness by now, but it still comes as a shock. On Monday i read that Michael palin, one of my all time favourite people, is due to do a stage presentation of the latest volume of his diaries, Travelling To Work, in Shaftesbury avenue in October . At first i was uncertain whether or not to try to get tickets, but this morning I decided to throw caution to the wind. After all I have loved palin since I was little, and this show will apparently focus on the era surrounding Palin’s travel shows, the very thing which made me aware of him.

So off i se this morning. I know I could have tried to order online, but I kept just being directed to third party ticket websites. Besides, going up there meant I could make sure we got the two wheelchair spaces and two PA spaces we need.

Getting there was easy, as usual: the performance is at the palace theatre, just up the road from Westminster. I got the bus, and beat my way through the crowds, growling at Danny Alexander as I passed him. I rolled up to the box office and asked for two wheelchair spaces and two carer spaces for Michael Palin. I expected the least they could do was tell me that they were sold out – after all, it was rather close to the performance. But the reply I got was far more pathetic: the wheelchair spaces were taken, not by other wheelchair users, but by the sound desk. The sound desk! Have you ever heard anything so abysmal, so discriminatory.

I was about to complain, but bit my tongue, turned, and headed back. They promised to email me should the situation change, but I have to say I was pretty upset. I told myself to look on the bright side – we saw Monty Python Live two months ago, which should he enough. I had bought tickets for that almost a year in advance, so I could not be too miffed; things could not all go my way. Yet the excuse I was given just seemed so careless, so pathetic. It just seems unfair, especially given how much I would have loved to see Michael Palin in person.

UPDATE At about 4.30 today I received an email saying the situation had been resolved and my tickets had been reserved. hurrah! any criticism on m part is withdrawn.

A kiss overlooking the city

Stealing a kiss, overlooking the city Before me is a great beauty.

Deep and subtle. Vast and wonderful.

It is a complex beauty that I behold atop Greenwich hill

Not obvious, but there to see.

Emphatically there! I see it clearly

As I steal a kiss overlooking the city.

Shatner to play Kirk again

I am having one of my squealy days today. Squealy days happen when I discover something I am particularly thrilled about, causing me, from time to time, to suddenly yelp spastically with glee. They are often after hearing rumours. I had one when I first heard that James bond would be somehow used in the Olympic opening ceremony; another when I got wind of Monty Python’s stage reunification. Both times, I was not sure whether the reports were any more than baseless rumours, so I knew I had to be cautious. Yet it was the prospect, the possibility, that thrilled me. And of course, they both turnedout to be true, and they both ended up being wonderful.

I’m having another day like that. Earlier, I came across another rumour, and for a trekkie like myself it is a pretty big one. Word has it that William Shatner is in talks to reprise his role as Kirk after twenty years. That is, for me, a thrilling prospect; I love the original Trek films, up to the ninth, and feel like something has been missing in my life since they stopped making them. After they ‘rebooted’ the franchise in 2007, it has not been the same. Moreover, given that most fans hated kirk’s rather unfitting death in generations, and we also hate the new timeline mess caused by the reboot, this could be an opportunity to resolve both in one. They could have shatner’s kirk restore the original timeline by sacrificing himself in a huge blaze of glory, giving him a more grandiose, more fitting end. that would seem the logical thing to do. I just hope they handle it properly.

I know I have to be cautious. It might fall through; the rumour might dissolve into thin air; it might turn out to be another poorly-written mess. After all, they have to come up with a believable way of bringing him back from the dead. Yet I currently have a personal maxim: if 007 can jump out of a helicopter with the queen, then surely anything can happen. Nothing can be ruled out; all things are possible. While I realise Happy and Glorious did not please everyone, it nevertheless redefined the limits of what is thinkable – it had the queen jumping out of a helicopter with 007, for zark’s sake! I once came across Bond ‘fans’ criticising it seemingly for the sake of being critical, but at the end of the day it was the ultimate confirmation of the epic status of 007 in our society: it was sleek, cool, and very, very Bondish. In my opinion it was a wonderful tribute to the Bond franchise and a wonderful success; and if one can succeed so can the other. Thus, for Shatner to sit in the captain’s chair as Kirk again is therefore certainly possible, and to see it happen, if done reasonably well, would please me and so many others, for it would feel like a return to something of our childhood, something lost for a long time, something good.

Margarita with a Straw

I’m not sure how it crept under my radar, but the film advertised here looks as if it might deserve closer inspection. This ‘refreshing look at disability and sexuality’ professes to detail the adventures of a girl with cerebral palsy going to university. From the looks of it, it might be reasonably well done, and I’d be interested to see how it compares with my own adventures from uni. Although the blurb on the website is typically vomit worthy (we ‘suffer’ with cp, etc) this may at last be the type of realistic disability-related drama I have been waiting for. I might add, too, that the title chimes with me, and in itself gives me cause for optimism: ”Margarita with a Straw” – awesome! Time, then, to find out how or where I can watch it.

Boogying on the streets of Bermondsey

It is not just the big events that I adore the city for. Yesterday was an hectic, awesome day: in the late morning my parents visited, and it was great to have a chat over coffee. It was lovely to see them, getting news of the family including my wonderful new nephew. Then later, my old friend charlotte came to visit, and, with her sister poppy and friend Emma (not the one from university), we met up at the Bermondsey Street Festival. To be honest I did not know what to expect as I took the tube up there, having said goodbye to my parents at the station, but it turned out to be pretty incredible: I love how London almost constantly throws up such cool little parties (although ‘little’ here is a relative term). There was all sorts going on, including lots and lots of music. Charlotte, Emma, poppy and I spent the afternoon dancing away, chatting a bit, and talking. It was just like old times; they even played a few sons we used to dance to at brandies, like Walk this Way. I wished I had brought Lyn with me, and we collectively vowed that, now we know what a cool gig it is, next year we’ll go early and I’ll bring L.

We did not stay too long, as C, as usual, had another party to go to. I wanted to get back a decent time too. Yet I was thrilled to have gone, and boogied with my old friends on the streets of Bermondsey. It was great to see them, have a chat and gossip, and it ended too soon. I’m now really looking forward to next year’s festival with any luck, maybe we could arrange for Lyn to do a set!

[img description=”undefined image” align=”centre”]/images/street fest.jpg[/img]

Still in two minds over Scotland

Last night at about two I was woken by a sharp storm. I have rarely heard it rain so hard; I began to worry that the roof would leak. It struck me as rather an apt omen for stormy things to come. This morning, however, I turned on my computer to see that Scotland had voted No, and that the union would stay together. I should probably be happy: after all I oppose the whole idea of borders and nations, and have expressed my opposition to nationalism of all kinds on here before. Yet part of me regrets the decision the Scots made: the status quo will now remain in place, and Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have ironically helped CaMoron keep his job. Thus I see advantages and disadvantages. In fact I feel quite torn over the entire affair, especially now English nationalists like Farage have started to use the outcome to their advantage. The only thing I can do, however, is sit back and watch how things now unfold. The sky may have cleared, and the voting may be over, yet I suspect even bigger storms may now have started to brew.