Better stay home

I’ve decided to stay home tonight. Part of me really wants to go up to Westminster and take my frustrations out on the p’tahks celebrating there, but what good would that achieve? I’d probably get abused, even more angry, and/or arrested. Better just stay home, chill out, and crack open a few beers.

I’m so furious it scares me

I truly doubt that I have ever felt  as angry as I currently do – it’s even effecting my sleep. After watching Laura Kuenssberg’s recap on the beeb last night of how we reached this point, it is clear to me Brexit is  a crime. I am incandescent with rage. Because of lies and deceit, we are now about to be dragged out of the greatest, most noble union of nations. Whenever I think about it, my body becomes hard to control and my limbs shake in fury; for a few moments my rage becomes white hot and I want to seek out and destroy the bastards behind this calamity, even though I know that would ultimately achieve nothing.. To think that so many utter, utter morons still support this abomination makes it even worse. I’m so furious it scares me, and I  don’t know what to do about it.

The view from Eltham Park North

After yesterday’s heaviness, something lighter is probably in order. If you ever get chance to walk through Eltham Park North, do so. I was just there, and the view was incredible. You can see right across London, even up to Wembley. I now can’t wait for summer when the view will probably be even better. I now really want to take Mum, Dad and perhaps Lyn up there too. I think  they would be amazed at the prettiness of the park and how far you can see from it.

Johnson’s sickeningly hollow speech

I watched the holocaust memorial ceremony on BBC2 last night. I felt it my duty, if just to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of the most abominable crime ever committed. The industrialised murder of six million people should surely never be forgotten: that’s the only way to prevent it from ever happening again. Yet, as I watched boris Johnson give his speech, I could not banish our current situation from my mind: how could this man have the audacity to feign disgust at what the Nazis did when on Friday he will drag this country out of one of the very organisations set up in part to ensure such catastrophes never happen again?

Of course, most people will recoil that likening Brexit to the holocaust is utterly wrong. What the nazis did is indeed far worse. Yet both have the same simplistic worldview at their core: a type of arrogant nationalism which declares one country or people superior to all others. The European Union was set up to facilitate cooperation between countries; to help governments and people work together as equals. That is the only way to grow beyond the petty national rivalries of the past. By leaving the EU, the UK reverts to that nationalism: by suddenly declaring that it doesn’t need to cooperate with our European friends, it becomes no better than the Nazis declaring theirselves superior to everyone else.

I am not saying that I think everyone fooled into voting Leave is a fascist, or that we will soon see concentration camps being built. I fear, however, that the type of deregulated, ultra-capitalist society Brexit will bring will see the strong freed to dominate the weak, rich freed to persecute the poor. Human and consumer rights will start to be worn away so that soon any notion of social equality will be a hazy, far off dream. The Outists say they want freedom, but they want it only for theirselves: freedom to persecute and manipulate; freedom to lord it over everyone not born into a wealthy, white family. Outside the ECHR, protection of minority rights will be thrown to the wind; I doubt people like me will soon have the privileges we now enjoy as the taxes which fund the social services we need to live independently are reduced. Not an overt form of persecution perhaps, but persecution nonetheless.

Culturally, the 2016 referendum has already opened the door to rising levels of intolerance, xenophobia and hate crime. It has reinforced feelings of separateness from and superiority to our neighbours, allowing some people to air their bigotry and prejudices more freely. We might not see brownshirts on the streets, but the Outist ‘victory’ has meant the return of types of behaviours and attitudes we should have outgrown long ago. They may not call Brexit fascism, they might deny they want to persecute anyone, yet at the core both are born of the same abhorrent isolationism and arrogance. It is only through international cooperation that we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, which is why Johnson’s words last night were so sickeningly hollow.


Although I have only just heard about it, and of course have yet to see it, I really think I’ll try to get S.A.M screened at this years Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival. From what I’ve read, it’s a short, independent film about a loving relationship between two young people with learning difficulties. It was filmed in leeds and the  actors cast have LDs, so it sounds quite cutting edge in  terms of both social and disability representation. All too often, such relationships are hidden  away, but it really looks like the guys whho made this  film set out to tell often overlooked truths. What I want to do now is find a way to watch it,  before hopefully proposing it for this years film festival.

Marriage Story

I just got back from the cinema again, where John and I saw Marriage Story. I don’t have much to say about it, apart from that I would be surprised if I have ever seen a duller, more boring film. Over three hours of protracted, increasingly bitter fretting over whether a couple will get divorced, the status of their young son and whether they live in New York or LA. Very little in terms of plot development or resolution. And then Kianu Reeves breaks into a song, completely at random, as if the film suddenly became a musical. It was  about an hour too long and so laboured and dull that I left the cinema wondering why  it had ever been made; I honestly think I could pull a better film out of my arse.

America is not the Federation

Just to stick with the Star Trek theme, judging by this, Trump is obviously a fan too. He has been accused of nicking the Starfleet emblem for his new Space Force. While people like George Takei have accused him of breaching copyright, I think this could tell us one of two things: either Trump is a huge Star Trek fan and intends this as a tribute  to the series, or, more likely, he’s even more deluded than we  thought and sees himself as head of a huge galactic Federation.

How am I going to watch Picard?

The biggest question on my mind today, after having been anticipating it for so long, is how am I going to watch Star Trek Picard? After having bought a Netflix subscription specifically to watch Discovery, only to find it was utter drivel, I’m reluctant to do the  same for Amazon Prime. The thing is, that is the very reason Amazon commissioned the Picard series in the first place: to get people hooked to their streaming service. As  passionate as I am to see Jean-Luc Picard captaining  a  starship again, I’m loathe to fall for such a trick, especially if it turns out to be as disappointing as Discovery was. (And from what I’ve been heaaring on the web, there’s a  good chance that could be the case). My dilemma thus remains, how am I going to watch  Picard?

Terry Jones dies

The sad news today is that Terry Jones has died, age 77. As a Monty Python fan, I am saddened by this news,  but at least he had a good innings. Seeing Python perform live in 2014 will  always be one of the highlights of my life; at least those guys got to perform together one last time before they began to fade away. Go here for the details.

Outist stupidity put beyond doubt

If ever there was any doubt over whether the people campaigning for brexit are mind-numbingly, staggeringly stupid, what you’ll read here will put an end to it. ”A Brexit Party MEP has raised concerns that the UK will no longer have a voice in Europe on her last day sitting in the EU parliament.” June Mummery MEP tweeted  “The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?”  Err, that was the whole point of  what you campaigned for, you moronic cow! The only reason we are losing representation in the European parliament is because idiots like you campaigned for it.

Tweets like this really make you wonder how such obviously moronic people ever got into a position where they could represent the UK on any level. Once you stop laughing, it’s actually quite worrying.